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When you put effort into the way you present yourself, you might find that the resulting confidence boost leads to a more robust social life or improved success in the workplace. Cosmetic dentistry by Robert Badalov, DDS, PLLC, in Tucson, Arizona, is a great way to revitalize your appearance and achieve that boost in confidence. To review your options for cosmetic dentistry services, call Dr. Badalov’s office or book a one-on-one consultation online today.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

You can think of cosmetic dentistry as regular dentistry combined with cosmetology. The main objective of cosmetic dentistry is to redesign and enhance your smile with treatments that don’t necessarily affect the strength and integrity of your teeth. Instead, they improve the way your smile looks.

With cosmetic dentistry services with Dr. Badalov, you can improve or conceal:

Intrinsic staining
Extrinsic staining
Broken teeth
Worn-down teeth
Short teeth
Wide gaps

In many cases, you have more than one option for your cosmetic dentistry treatment. Dr. Badalov helps you review the choices and weigh the pros and cons in relation to your case.

What are my cosmetic dentistry treatment options?

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses many treatments and services that might sound familiar to you. Today’s cosmetic dental services are highly refined and able to achieve stunning results with few potential complications. At his office in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Badalov’s menu of cosmetic dentistry services includes:

Teeth whitening

This straightforward treatment is a go-to for patients who want a quick but substantial improvement in their smile’s appearance. Dr. Badalov provides in-office and take-home whitening services with Philips® Zoom! and Opalescence® to give you a smile that stands out in less than a day.


Veneers can do almost anything. They can reshape your teeth, resize them, or improve their color. Dr. Badalov makes custom veneers that he attaches to the outer surface of your teeth to make them look perfect.


Dental crowns are also called caps because they fit over teeth. Unlike veneers, crowns make them look better at every angle and reinforce your tooth’s strength. Custom crowns from Dr. Badalov are designed for your unique set of teeth and are perfect for covering molars after cavities or breakage.

Who is cosmetic dentistry for?

Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone. If you’re not happy with the way your smile looks, there’s no reason why you should watch the state of your teeth get worse over time. Even if they’re still strong and sturdy, imperfect-looking teeth can stifle your confidence and cause you to hold back in social or professional situations.

If you’re interested in refreshing your look with expert cosmetic dentistry services, call the office of Robert Badalov, DDS, PLLC, to schedule your consultation today.